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No Maintenance / Long Life / No Moving Parts / Lower Cost

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We are an innovative team engaged in the development of meteorological instruments for many years. Now we are providing Ultrasonic Anemometer and related customized products to customers around the world.


Through many years of application cases, we have accumulated rich experience and provided the most mature products.


Batch production and management optimization, provide the most cost-effective ultrasonic anemometer.


0.1% failure rate, return within 3 business days after processing.

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Ultrasonic Anemometer Application Cases

There covers the application cases of Ultrasonic Anemometer in various industries, including UAV, smart city, smart street lighting, agriculture and so on.

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I’m glad to find the ideal ultrasonic anemometer here. We use a lot in agricultural projects. From the point of view of more than a year’s operation, every equipment is running normally.

We chose eight different types of ultrasonic anemometers for intelligent lighting projects from around the world, and finally found the answer here. In addition to the low price, the product performance is also very stable.