Ultrasonic Anemometers Definitive Guide in 2019

ZATA supplier ZWS200 ultrasonic anemometers for 10 years, The wind sensor has been distributed in 20 countries. which has passed CE and RoHS certification.

Ultrasonic Anemometers For Transmission Lines

This paper describes the impact of meteorological disasters on transmission lines, and enumerates the advantages of Ultrasonic anemometer compared with conventional anemometer.

Ultrasonic Anemometers For Agriculture

ZATA ZWS200 Ultrasonic Anemometer can be used in climate-smart agriculture, work well in the outdoor harsh environment, maintenance-free. low power consumption.

Ultrasonic Anemometers for Transportation

Ultrasonic Anemometers for Smart Street Lighting

When you look at this topic, you may feel that the ultrasonic anemometer has nothing to do with smart street lights. But in fact, they are interconnected and have become indispensable intelligent components of intelligent street lighting.